Ark Student Care Centre


Pre-primary preparatory class

The pre-primary preparatory course, ‘READY, PREP, GO!’ is designed to bridge the gap between Kindergarten and Primary 1. This structured coursework would ensure a gradual exposure to the demands of Primary 1 syllabus. English – We touch on the basic grammar skills such as punctuation, tense, adjectives for comparison and prepositions. – We also aim to improve the vocabulary bank at the same time. – These will all be covered under an umbrella of a general topic. These topics are carefully selected to broaden the perspective of the current issues faced in the world such as animal cruelty, natural disasters, water conservation, etc. – Through our interactive activities, it enhances your child’s listening and writing skills. It allows your child to practice verbalizing their thoughts. Mathematics – We aim to equip your child with the important mathematical concepts through fun activities that triggers their critical problem-solving skills. – Topics such as time, money, addition and subtraction would be covered to give your child a head start and more time to grasp these concepts.