Specialised Programme
for Primary One and Two

The transition from pre-school to primary school setting has been a challenge for most children as they face difficulties in adapting to changes in the environment, which largely shape their academic, social and emotional experiences. ARK Student Care Centre has witnessed multiple cases at the start of the academic year where young children faced difficulties in coping with the challenges of adapting to a new environment and tasks. 

Children are expected to form new friendships, meet expectations of different teachers and adapt to new routines in their schools. The most obvious change from pre-school to primary level is the change to a more structured classroom setting and learning. Research has shown that a larger class size, subject-based curriculum, stricter school rules, an increased amount of homework, structured and packed timetable with longer school hours are all important differences that make this transition challenging. 

They are required to attend a full-day school and learn new topics which they struggle to relate to at their young age. They are also expected to sit still for longer hours.

As an old African proverb goes, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’. It is our belief that raising a child is a shared responsibility which involves not just the parents, but the educators, caregivers and others in the community as well. ARK Student Care Centre aims to provide support to every child to help them better adjust and adapt to primary school life

Teachers planned programmes to teach them on life skills like, packing of bag or personal belongings, using eating utensils appropriately (E.g. the use of fork), tying shoelaces, reading time off the clock, counting of money, etc. We also teach them how a timetable works so that they can follow routine independently.