Our Happy Parents!

I appreciate how the teachers at Ark partner me to develop my son Ethan development. They have shown patience and empathy when managing Ethan’s behaviour as he is still adapting to primary school norms. Their support is beyond academic as they are cultivating values in action. And I agree with this approach, because I know that Ethan can walk away with these values that builds him up as a good person.

In a nutshell, the Ark nurtures our young ones holistically (Academic and character development). Thank you all staff at Ark for taking care of Ethan with heart.

Ethan's mother

Really appreciative of the teachers in engaging the children through zoom during the HBL period. This helps my kids stay connected with other kids and teachers and spent their afternoons meaningfully. Being a work-from-home mummy, it gives me extra hours to totally focus on my work.

I am thankful to the teachers for ensuring schoolwork is completed every day. And also, for sharing interesting facts and current happenings around the world through videos, craftwork, games and even food. This helps to build up my kids’ knowledge bank.

Dexter's mother

It’s always the people who makes a difference and Ark teachers are friendly, caring and fun to be with! Not only i have a great piece of mind for the kids to be in Ark, but the environment is also conducive for homework and learning. Ark has themed learnings with teacher guided activities that they do crafts and learn topics outside of the textbook which the children come back and share with me of their learnings. For me, character building is as important is academic learning and Ark has definitely helped to shape my children’s’ character in their growing years.

Hailey's mother